Best Dog-Friendly Pool 2014

Beast of the Bay 2013Best Dog-Friendly Pool 2013:

Beast of the Bay 2011 1st runner up 2011

Beast of the Bay 2010 by Bay Woof newspaper

Rex in the Media

Blog Talk Radio 2013 The Rex Center Swimming for Dogs | Dazzle Dog Delight


Geraman Press: Online Focuse -(1/3/2014) Fit not fat - Pets in the U.S.

Geraman Press: Die-Welt -(1/2/2014) If The Dog Owner Sends to Workout

Geraman Press: N24- 1/2014) When Fifi Is Too Fat

Bay Woof (8/1/2013)Swimming with Dogs

Mercury News (7/30/2013 A Health Spa For Canines at Pacifica's Rex Center

The Wall Street Journal (2/2513)See Spot Swim: Remedial Lessons Put Pooches in the Pool

Spoiled Bitch (Issue #65. Published: November 08, 2011)The Rex Center

C&M Photography & InCircle Pets (4/1/10): Puppy Love at The Rex Center by Hiromi M @

San Mateo County Times (1/31/09) & Pacifica Tribune (4/22/09): Canine Aquatic Fitness Center To Open In Pacifica by Julia Scott

SFSU XPress (3/9/09): It’s A Dog’s Life by Britany Lueras

Bay Woof (4/22/09): Alternatives For Canine Wellness by Veronica Boutelle

SFSU XPress online (5/4/09): New Facility In Pacifica Pampers Dogs by Britany Lueras

InCircle Pets (6/15/09): Bay Area Dogs Swim in Style at The Rex Center by Lisa-Anne Manolius


Angie (our office manager) made this awesome video about who we are and why our clients love us. The ending is geared for a contest that the film was entered into, so there's a bit about what we'd do with the prize money... (3/19/10)The Rex Center "New Deal" contest submission

YouTube video -- Lego (07/07/09): Swim Away (Lego, French Bulldog, learns to swim) by Anu Maurya

SFSU XPress multimedia slideshow (5/4/09): Pampering The Pooch by Stephanie Francis & Steve Zettler

YouTube video -- Mesa & Baily (04/21/09): Rex Center Pool by Ian Ryerson

The Rex Center YouTube video channel (We load swim videos and various others of our dog walking or swimming occasionally):


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