what to expect

Your First Swim Session

    • Wear clothes that can get wet and/or bring a change of clothes just in case your dog splashes or shakes>
    • Please be a little early.>
    • Please come into the blue door (nearer to the street), and wait in the lobby.>
    • Depending on your dog's overall condition and inclination to swim, the swim session may involve getting the dog to relax in the pool before swimming.>
    • We provide the towels for you to dry off your dog. You are welcome to use our dog blow dryer.>
    • The swim coach will talk to about your dog's next swim session and whether it's appropriate for an assisted swim session, open or sports swim session.>

    What to do before every visit:

  1. Potty your dog. If he is having problems with bowel movements, let us know.
  2. Do not feed your dog two hour prior to a swim session.
  3. If your dog is taking new: medication, supplements, food or treats wait a few days before your swim to make sure they don't have an upset tummy.

      Bishop at his Open Swim  
    Jazzy at her Aasisted Swim

Please be aware that The Rex Center’s services are not considered medical procedures. If your dog has a specific medical condition, we recommend you consult with your veterinarian before beginning at The Rex Center.