swim coach training - new skills and skills refresher

Sample Schedule

Day Time Topics Description
Tuesday 10am-12pm Breathe. Talk. Meditate. Connect. We will spend our first hours learning a little bit about what we have to offer each other and how we can best use our time together. We will also get centered, do some breath work and meditation, and bring our best intentions to the work together and with the dogs.
Tuesday 12-2pm Long Lunch while puppies play Off to lunch together -- The Rex Center hosts puppy daycare on Tuesday early afternoon.
Tuesday 2-5:30pm Pool Work w/ Easy Dogs

The first half hour in the water, we'll do some ai chi and remember how to move in the water and familiarize yourselves with The Rex Center pool. Our pool is only 3.5 feet deep; so learning how to kneel instead of squat may also be necessary. :)

Then we'll jump into half hour and one hour sessions with up to 2 dogs at a time. By easing back into the water, we'll have fun and be able to help each other remember all the holds and get out of the pool scratch free. [5-6 dogs]
Wednesday 10am-2pm Discussion Topic 1 Based on discussions with you before the class, I will setup a workshop during this time. Topics could be: business planning, marketing, massage, lectures by holistic veterinary partners, nutrition, elder care, animal hospice, aromatherapy, flower essences, reiki, animal behavior, dealing with fearful dogs, or more. We will also have lunch during this time.
Wednesday 2-5:30pm Pool Work with Harder or New Dogs Half hour and one hour sessions with 1-3 dogs each session. These dogs will be either known clients who are harder to work with or brand new dogs. Learn how to creatively try different things in the water to get the response that you're looking for. For new dogs, start learning an intake routine that we'll use more on Thursday. [5-9 dogs]
Thursday 10am-2pm Pool Work with New Dogs

All new dogs. We'll donate some swims to a rescue or the SPCA so that we get at least one dog whom needs the special TLC. Read our blog to hear more about special dogs from shelters.

We'll finish our swim time with a 'final' swim where each person works a whole session with a dog start to finish. [5-9 dogs]
Thursday 2pm-5pm Discussion Topic 2 and wrap-up

Second discussion or training topic as decided upon above

We'll finish up with a wrap-up session to talk about future plans and close the way we opened, with some breath work and a short meditation...

This class will provide you a certificate of completion. It is not a 'certification' program, nor will it satisfy any requirements for legal licensure. Each State is different in what they require. You should find out from your local and national authorities as to what is required to do the work that you intend to do.