swim coach training


3- half day workshop: this will take place are Mon 1/2 day; Tues 1/2 day and Thurs evening. Plan on 3-4 hours per session depending on how many students participate.

This will be a basic intro into Canine Aquatic Fitness. We will be focusing on getting a "none water" dog comfortable in the pool including entering the pool which seems to be very daunting for many pups. This part of training I feel is very important, not only are you dealing with a frightened dog but the parents are stressed as well, so getting EVERYONE relaxed is challenging.

We will be discussing client rapport and pool maintenance (an art in itself!


You will be exposed to several types of dogs and the reason why they are coming to TRC. This will include big dogs; small dogs; dogs with injuries and dogs with age problems ( at times dealing with end of life issues)

swim coach training - new skills and skills refresher

Keeping Your Feet Wet [Intermediate/Beyond Basic]

Graduates of Cindy Horsfalls La Paw Spa Level 1 or Level 2 classes are invited to The Rex Center to work with more dogs, so you can practice, practice and practice some more. Then spend some time learning about topics that interest the class that could include: business planning, marketing, massage, lectures by holistic veterinary partners, nutrition, elder care, animal hospice, aromatherapy, flower essences, reiki and more.

Date: tbd

Register: Email us to express your interest!

Cost: $700

Sample Schedule

This class will provide you a certificate of completion. It is not a 'certification' program, nor will it satisfy any requirements for legal licensure. Each State is different in what they require. You should find out from your local and national authorities as to what is required to do the work that you intend to do.